Photo Shoots for Public & Private Events

                             Photo Shoots for Commercial, Public & Private Events

Prices start at $250 per hour with a mininum of two hours per shoot. Photo Shoots include editing and staging. Photographs will be emailed to customers within a week.

One printed and signed photo will be printed, signed and number by Mark Person.

“Trish’s Salon on Cape Cod”

“In Living Color”

                                                                “Solar way”

                                                           “The new way”

                                                            “From above”

                                                          “May there be light”


                                                       “On the road again”

                                                  “Show me the money”

                                                      “Providence Way”

                                            “Westminister St., Providence”


                                                     “Providence Water Fires”

                                                       “In the house”

                                                        “Going home”

                                                      “Ladies sing the Blues”

                                                    “All in the family”

“Childhood Memories”

“Big bad wolf”

“Sweet home Alabama”

“A class act”

“Wedding day in Boston”

“A moment in time”

“Almost there”


“New beginnings”